"We were delighted to have the multi-talented Richard Chance compose the score for our new comic – To The Death. Why does a comic need a score? Promo videos for new comics are nigh on essential these days, and at conventions we need both visual and audio. Richard instinctively captured the energy and themes of the comic and translated those into a pulse-quickening three or so minutes of captivating and immersive music, crafting something akin to a grandiose (summer blockbuster) movie opening credits sequence. Quite simply, To The Death would not be the same without its Richard Chance score.” 

Simon Furman, 

Writer, Forged By Fire Productions
Transformers, Death's Head, Robocop, To The Death, Dragon's Claws

From the creators of now legendary comics Death's Head and Dragon's Claws, and two of the most important players in the Transformers comic universe, comes a brand new action packed thrill ride - To The Death

I nearly took the path to becoming a comic artist  - and was a bloody massive fan of Geoff Senior and Simon Furman (still am!  Even more top blokes IRL!)

I was living the dream when we got to work together on their latest powerful offering, a dystopian epic called To The Death, available in print here.


Simon Furman and I had some great discussions about the path such a theme might take, and then I set to work writing a suite that encapsulated the incredible multi-dimensional characters and the extreme situations they found themselves in.  It will feature at full length here soon, meanwhile - the above video has a taste of it.  


Chasing The Dryagin - Theme From To The Death (Full)

©2019 by Richard Chance - Composer