"'Richard is a musician’s musician and a producer’s dream. He’s a ridiculous talent, able to turn his hand to whatever is required, while understanding the bigger picture and measuring his contribution. Anytime Richard steps into the studio I know it’s going to be a good day!"'

Tony Draper, 

Parr St Studios, Inglorious, Kelis, Justice Collective, Elio Pace

Over the past (AHEM!!!) number of years I've worked for lots of nice people who needed an extra pair of musical hands.  

I'm available for remote sessions if you're a composer or producer who needs guitars (electric, acoustic, nylon, mangled crazy nonsense), keyboards/hammond/synth parts, vocals (lead, backing, full choir) or live bass.

How does that work, Rich?
I understand it can be challenging to use a session pro within a small operation. Sometimes you shell out for recorded parts and your cue or mix gets rejected in favour of another direction.  Have no fear - we'll talk through your needs and work out an agreement on revisions that suits each individual situation  - and any stressful project is better with extra hands!



"Richard is a consummate performer with experience of the biggest stages - it was great working with him on the Cream Classics shows."

Tim Crooks 

Hacienda Classical, Cream Classical

I've been musical director and multi-show-off on a sack full of flash shows and consulted as director and producer on a good few more. I've also guested on a stack of records from jazz to pop to weird ambient. Here's a taste of one or two live situations, live and recorded.

Cream Classical
Keys/Guitar & Programming

K-Klass, Ameritz, Cream, Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
Working with some of the finest classical orchestral musicians in the country on this mammoth show, which required, for a chunk of the gig, playing guitar and keyboard almost simultaneously! Highlights include Brixton Academy and not getting asked to juggle.

Club Class Classical
Keys/Guitar & Programming

Amadeus Orchestra, Judge Jools
Once the word got around that I was up for almost anything that didn't involve juggling, the door swung open to some of the other classical shows and I got to work with some of the most legendary DJ's of the British dance music scene.

Gatecrasher Classical
Keys/Guitar & Programming

Kaleidoscope Orchestra, loads more DJs I can't remember the names of.
I bet you're starting to get the picture now, aren't you?  GC was at Sheffield City Hall.  Good gig.

Legends Show - Blackpool & Touring
Director and producer

This crazy little chapter in my life has thus far lasted 25 years - running and directing Europe's most famous brand of multi-tribute show, we've toured the UK and the world twice, playing venues as diverse as a tiny island in the Seychelles through to Birmingham Indoor Arena, for royalty and several Prime Ministers.  It has opened every other door in my career and been a lot of fun to work on.  

The Suggestibles
Musical Director 

Possibly the most fun you can have making it up as you go along, The Suggestibles are one of the top improv comedy groups in the country.  I attribute the sell-out improv musical for preparing me to write music for picture.  Every week for six years we made up a full West End musical on stage  - me, a piano and five unbelievable actors.  Rewarding and terrifying.

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