The efficiency and choice of a vast music library..

..with your very own custom tracks by REAL composers!

Teams are great, aren't they?  A re-assuring stamp that says you'll get everything on time, delivered properly with accountability!  And libraries have been The Future for a fair bit now, too.

Whether you're a film maker on a tight budget, a production company on a tight schedule, or just someone who doesn't want to talk to composers (we are lovely, though!) we recognise that there is a need to have a menu of music available to 'try before you buy', get music damned quick into your edit  -  or power your film at a point in time when you haven't quite made the big time.

In 2015 I formed Sonic Fire with my co-producer Denis Brice and a network of session players and composers to begin work on our own production music library.  With vast experience across so many genres and both being multi-instrumentalists, it seemed to make sense that we could offer something between library and composer.  A system where you could adapt the convenience and economy of library with the knowledge that you were going to get EXACTLY what you wanted from human beings.  

©2019 by Richard Chance - Composer